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Voyage à Venise avec Chiara Pavan



Chief philosopher, Chiara Pavan shares with us her commitment to the preservation and traditions of the Venice lagoon.

  • Two exclusive journeys imagined with Chef Pavan

  • Tasting dinner in its starred restaurant

  • A privileged moment with the Chef and a tasting of the Dorona di Venezia cuvée

  • Exclusive encounters with Venetian craftsmen who perpetuate centuries-old traditions

  • Venetian cooking class

  • Tasting of the best Prosecco wines and cheeses

  • Night on the island of Burano or Mazzorbo to fully live the Venissa experience

  • Luxury or Charming Hotels


From €XXXX per person*

based on double occupancy

Departure from Venice

From €XXXX per person*

based on double occupancy

Departure from Venice

*Prices may vary when booking depending on availability

A philosopher
in the kitchen

Chiara Pavan is a UFO in the world of Grande Cuisine.

First a woman chef and later a Venetian by adoption, this philosophy and sociology graduate boasts a militant and radical cuisine.

His dishes express strong ideas about the preservation of the Venice lagoon.

Découverte de Venise et sa lagune avec Chiara Pavan, cheffe étoilée Michelin

Chiara Pavan entered the world of Gastronomy on tiptoe. A philosophy student in Pisa, she began to work in the restaurant industry to pay for her studies: this world appealed to her. After solid training, Chiara landed at Undicesimo Vineria where she crossed paths with Chef Francesco Brutto, become his companion in the heart and in the kitchen.


2016 marks the start of the Venice adventure which corresponds in all respects to his deep convictions on what the gastronomy of tomorrow should be."I never use vacuum-packed containers, no plastic, no film. I'm still shocked to see so much plastic in the kitchen world."


His second crush will be for the lagoon of Venice, the area most exposed to climate change in the world according to the Chef. Chiara Pavan and Francesco Brutto are therefore going to shake up local Venetian cuisine with their dishes based on moeche crab and even jellyfish, dozens of varieties of vegetables and herbs from their vegetable garden or supplied by Venetian market gardeners and fishermen!


Supreme reward for the one who expected nothing, Chiara Pavan is designated Best Italian Chef in 2018and receives one Michelin star for its bold and responsible creations that highlight local fish, vegetables and herbs.


Serene in her vision of integrating eco-responsibility into Grande cuisine, Chiara Pavan continues her fight for the recognition of women in the world of catering: "We women find ourselves looking for our space in already imagined in the story by the Chef… it is a space built and made by men".

Le potager du Venissa, sur l'île de Mazzorbo, qui inspire la Cheffe étoilée Chiara Pavan
Le Venissa, restaurant étoilé sur l'île de Mazzorbo à Venise

My meeting
with Chiara

A silent island with yellow, red, turquoise blue or green fishermen's houses. A large enclosure of around one hectare, vines and around sixty species of vegetables.

Lunch or dinner here, protected by a centuries-old bell tower. Protected from the hubbub of the world, in barely thirty minutes from the hordes of tourists who trample and damage the Serenissima. 

To come to the island of Mazzorbo, to meet Chef Chiara Pavan, is to feel in one's flesh the silence, the peace, the salty smell of the lagoon of Venice. It's meeting a brigade really committed to the protection of this fragile and abused ecosystem.

Chef's Escape CP4-min_edited.jpg
Chef's Escape CP5-min_edited.jpg

This morning, Chiara strolls through her vegetable garden, smiling. She collects fresh herbs, glasswort and other algae from the lagoon, which enhance the flavors of her dishes.


Then, the plates parade at Venissa, the restaurant where the Michelin-starred Chef expresses all her commitment. His cuisine is aesthetic, powerful, astonishing too - it is unlike any other. And do not leave indifferent!


In the evening, strolling through the silent streets of sleepy Burano, we let tears of emotion flow thinking of the fragility of the Earth. And to that of Venice, which we wish to be eternal.


Juliana Angotti, founder of L'Hedonist

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