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Venice, or the art
of getting lost

Very committed to the preservation of the lagoon, Chiara Pavan invites you to discover another Venice; to take your time; listening to the waves lapping along the callettes; to get lost in the interlacing of the sotoporteghi then to find one's bearings thanks to the 355 bridges which span the lagoon. A respectful discovery of one of the cities most exposed to mass tourism in the world.


Take the side roads to explore the city of the Doges. Those who lead to small artisans, secret restaurants, responsible producers. All lovers of the Serenissima and who want to introduce the soul of their city to curious travellers.

The Hedonist invites you to go further than Saint Mark's Square and reach Mazzorbo, Torcello, Burano… islands where the inhabitants are reviving ancient Venetian traditions.

Voyage gourmet à Venise avec Chiara Pavan & L’Hedonist

As in Venissa, the stronghold of Chiara Pavan where the owner of the premises revived the centuries-old Dorona di Venezia vineyard, which had almost disappeared. Or with the fishermen of Burano who want to make known the lagoon other than on a gondola! And even the market gardeners of Sant'Erasmo who saved unique vegetables like the small purple artichoke from the disappearance.


A journey to savor the Venetian way of life (re)created by inhabitants who are as inventive as they are respectful of their city, like Chiara Pavan and her responsible cuisine. 

"Venice has always been considered the ideal city for a honeymoon, but this is a serious mistake. To live in Venice, or simply to visit it, is to fall in love with it and there is no place left in one's heart for something else" - Peggy Guggenheim

The Serenissima
by Chiara Pavan

The Michelin-starred chef invites you on a journey through "her" Venice. In her commitment to save the lagoon and its islands and because she knows all of its artisans and producers, she exclusively shares her good addresses, her secret places which are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her responsible cooking.

In the footsteps
by Carlos Scarpa

The brilliant Venetian architect and designer of the 1960s left his mark on the city with his works which combine the old and the modern, the smooth and the rough, stone and metal. The Fondazione Querini Stampalia or the Negozio Olivetti allow you to discover another little-known facet of the Serenissima.

En Italie, voyage autour de la gastronomie avec L'Hedonist
L'œuvre de Carlos Scarpa à Venise, un voyage L'Hedonist

Cooking lessons
in a palazzo

An exceptional cooking class organized by an aristocrat in an 18th century palace! What more could you ask for to understand all the sensuality and creativity of Venetian cuisine. The experience begins at the Rialto and Erberia markets before moving into the kitchens of the palazzo. Glamor in the kitchen!

The new wave
from Murano

Roberto Beltrami is the youngest master glassmaker in Murano, yet he was not born in Venice and does not come from a long line of glassmakers. In his Wave Murano Glass workshop, he revolutionizes immutable techniques such as "battuto" or cold engraving to create pieces that Chiara Pavan loves.

Un tour des bacari spécialement préparé par L'Hedonist à Venise

all the gold
of the world

In an artisanal workshop, 24-carat gold is at the center of the game. For a hundred years the tradition has persisted of working and transforming gold into sheets thinner than a hair, to adorn works of art but also the bottles of Venissa! The cozy atmosphere contributes to the charm of the visit.

Un opéra pas comme les autres dans un palais de Venise, L'Hedonist en Italie
Découverte de la nouvelle génération de verriers à Murano, un voyage L'Hedonist

Bacari, cicchetti
and spritz

The tour of the bacari - traditional bars - is a ritual for the Venetians. A glass of spritz in one hand, a small plate in the other, you will sit on a bridge or under a porch to taste cicchetti such as tuna crostini, marinated artichokes, beef meatballs, grilled calamari. The congratulations!

Adresses secrètes de L'Hedonist à Venise

nomadic opera

Of course there is La Fenice. But L'Hedonist has chosen to give opera lovers a different experience where the spectator finds himself at the heart of the most beautiful works of the Italian repertoire. In a 17th century palace.

The library 

Exclusive appointment with the last master glassmaker in Venice, manufacturer of smalts and gold leaf mosaics for more than 130 years. Here everything is still done by hand… with the oldest artisanal mosaic kiln in the world. The color library has more than 3500 shades, including around forty for skin colors!

Un dîner inoubliable au Venissa, le restaurant de la Cheffe étoilée Chiara Pavan

The lagoon

An unusual experience: discovering the lagoon with those who know it best, the fishermen. Through their stories and their secret places, you will understand the unique link that unites the Venetians with "their" lagoon and its natural resources.

Dégustation très privée de vins sur le domaine Venissa à Venise
Découverte des artisans authentiques de Venise, adresses secrètes de L'Hedonist

another Venice

Staying in Venissa means experiencing the lagoon in a wilder, more natural way. Far from the tumult of the Serenissima. This haven of peace, located 30 minutes from Saint Mark's Square, was born from the crazy bet of the Bisol family. After reviving the Dorona vineyard, they respectfully built a "Venissa way of life" made of sharing with small producers, eco-responsible experiences and gastronomy.  Mazzorbo est become the refuge of Chiara Pavan who interprets in her dishes all the love she has for the environment.

La lagune de Venise dans un voyage de Chiara Pavan, Cheffe Michelin

In vino Venissa

An exceptional discovery of the estate to better understand the wine traditions of the Venetian lagoon as well as the revival of viticulture in Venissa. Accompanied by the sommelier of the starred restaurant, you will taste six white and red wines, including two wines from the Venissa Vintage cuvée.

Niché sur l'île de Mazzorbo, le Venissa de Chiara Pavan, Cheffe 1 étoile Michelin
Découverte gourmande de Venise avec ses artisans et ses spécialités, L'Hedonist voyages


. Arrival in Venice and reception at the airport

. Transfer by vaporetto to the hotel (possibility of private water taxi with supplement)

. Free lunch then meeting with your private guide for a discovery of the Venice of the architect Carlos Scarepa

. At the end of your walk, stop at the panoramic terrace of the Fondaco Dei Tedeschi

. In the evening,The Hedonist offers you an exceptional moment: a "nomadic opera" in a 17th century palazzo (optional, to be reserved at the time of confirmation)



. Morning devoted to a cooking class in an authentic Venetian palazzo. Before going past the stoves, shopping at the Rialto and Erberia markets. Lunch of dishes that you will have prepared

. The afternoon is all yours! Venice is discovered at its own pace according to its desires or its centers of interest. For culture lovers, museums and foundations open their doors to you. Others will prefer to stroll. The Hedonist would be delighted to organize more classic visits for you (at an additional cost) or to share with you its fine address book.e confidential shops

. For dinner, we have prepared a selection of the best bacari for you to taste delicious cicchetti accompanied by spritz! (to be paid on site)


. Behind-the-scenes discovery of the craftsmen who make Venice famous accompanied by your private guide 

. Crossing by private water taxi to Murano. For lunch, we suggest the restaurantAcqua Stanca Murano(to be paid on site), one of our good addresses on the island

. Visit (without guide) from the workshop of the youngest master glassmaker in Murano. 

. Continuation by private water taxi and installation at the hotel

. At the end of the afternoon, accompanied by the sommelier of theVenice,walk in the vineyard of Dorona then tasting of Mazzorbo wines 

. Free time until dinner to discover at your leisure the small island of Burano and its colorful houses

. 9-course gourmet dinner atVenicewhere Chiara Pavan officiates,a Michelin star (drinks to be paid on site)



. Morning on the lagoon withone of the last 20 moecanti (crab fishers) of Burano

. End of the cruise in Torcello, where your private guide awaits you for a visit to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Church of Santa Fosca and the Devil's Bridge.  For the brave, do not hesitate to climb to the top of the campanile for a breathtaking view of the lagoon (to be paid on site)

. For lunch, L'Hedonist recommends theVilla 600(to be paid on site)

. Transfer by private water taxi to Marco Polo airport with a stop at the hotel to collect your luggage

Alcohol abuse is ingereux for health, to consume with moderation

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