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Bella città
and Langhe

The “bella città” as Turinese call it, escapes the radar of mass tourism and yet is a must-see Italian town.

Historical cafes – the oldest from 1763, world-famous chocolates, chic bars, luxury shopping, iconic restaurants and vast museums.


Turin is the entrance to a small paradise, the Langhe where people eat well and live well. Your journey will be plenty of elegance and taste, through the great beauty of the Langhe hills, only an hour away from the Piedmont capital.

carte_colagreco_7-8j (1).png
Chef's Escape MC22-min.jpg

Vineyards as far as the eye can see and small medieval villages where time seems to have stopped, among the sweet curves of the hills. The region is a dream for any amateur of gastronomy and wine, as well as curious travellers looking for unique places and preserved scenery.


The perfect match between an off of the beaten track region and the breathtaking landscapes of the Langhe to taste the Italian way of life. Especially when the trip curator is the two Michelin-starred Chef Michelangelo Mammoliti!

“There is a happiness in sitting in the Grand Café of Turin and feeling, consciously or not, that is belongs under the vaulted arcades, is protected by them”, write Chantal Thomas in her novel “Cafés de la mémoire” where she gives a vibrant homage to the city of Turin.

Michelangelo Mammoliti’s gourmet Piedmont

The two Michelin-starred young Chef invites you to discover “his” Piedmont. Because he loves his land and knows every village, vineyard and producer, he exclusively shared for Hedonist clients his favourite restaurants and secret spots, places that inspire him endlessly.

Barolo vineyard

An exclusive spot, courtesy of Michelangelo Mammoliti, to taste Alba’s barbera, bussia, boscareto and Barolo wine.

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Luxury dinner

A Michelin-starred dinner in Michelangelo Mammoliti’s brand-new restaurant, La Rei Natura. You will receive an extra-special attention.

Chef's Escape MC26-min.png

Barbaresco vineyard

The Dogliani family welcomes you in their beautiful region of La Morra to taste their most delicate wines: the nebbiolo, bussia, brunate and boscareto.

Chef's Escape MC29-min.png

Italian-style expresso

Dense cream, full-bodied taste and intense aroma. Sampling an expresso is an experience of all the senses in the temple of Lavazza.

Chef's Escape MC9-EN ATTENTE.jpg

Perfume workshop

A very olfactory afternoon in the company of the most talented Italian nose. She will guide you through creating your very own fragrance.

Chef's Escape MC12-min.jpg

Le Sanctuaire
du Mirazur

Pour mieux comprendre l’univers de Mauro Colagreco, il faut visiter l’un de ses jardins potagers. Ce paradis végétal qu’il appelle " sanctuaire " est au centre de la récente révolution culinaire du Chef qu’il décline en menus inspirés de la nature. "Jusqu’à présent, le jardin fournissait le restaurant. Désormais, le restaurant fait partie du jardin. " Potager gourmand pour des plats d’exception.

Chef's Escape MC13-min.jpg

Vin des terres blanches

À quelques kilomètres de Menton, dans les montagnes italiennes, Filippo cultive le rossese di Dolceacqua - le cépage roi de la viticulture ligurienne – mais aussi les pigato et vermentino. Dégustation privée de ces vins rubis aux arômes de cerise et de d’églantier, exaltés par le soleil et l’altitude.

Chef's Escape MC15 - EN ATTENTE-min.png
Chef's Escape MC23-min.png


A high point of your trip in the Langhe, land of the white and black truffle. Go treasure-hunting with your “trifulau” and their dog.

Chef's Escape MC25-min.png

Secret recipes

In a medieval castle, you will discover all the secrets of Piedmont cuisine in an immersive cooking class.

Chef's Escape MC28-min.png

Vatican chocolates

Taste the ganache, the exquisite “cremino” caramel or coffee: works of gourmet smithery created by the Vatican’s very own chocolatier.

Chef's Escape MC27.png

WiMu Museum

Giving its name to the famous wine, Barolo is a village where you can visit the Wine Museum with your guide.

Chef's Escape MC10-min.png

Architect-designed apartment

When visiting Casa Molino, you will enter the esoteric universe of this architectural genius from the 60s. You can spend hours decoding the signs and enigmas of this exquisite place.

Chef's Escape MC8 - EN ATTENTE-min.png

Créateur de saveurs

Plongez dans les quatre univers du Chef lors d’une dégustation exclusive des huiles parfumées chez l’un de ses fournisseurs : Feuilles (nepeta), Fleurs (géranium), Fruits (baie rose) et Racines (gingembre et citron de Menton).

Chef's Escape MC14-min.jpg

L’expérience Mirazur

Dîner au Mirazur, c’est suivre un véritable parcours sensoriel. La découverte du menu est emplie de mystère : sera-t-on ébloui par un menu Racines, Fruits, Fleurs ou Feuilles ? Seul le potager du Chef le sait ! Et le Cosmos lui-même qui inspire Mauro Colagreco pour des plats chaque jour réinventés selon le calendrier lunaire. Un pur moment de poésie qui se poursuit par l'annonce des plats empreinte de délicatesse. Enfin vient la dégustation aux associations surprenantes.

Un dîner ? Non, une expérience !

Chef's Escape MC30-min.jpg
Chef's Escape MC31-min.png


. Arrival in Turin, you pick-up your car at Porta Susa station

. Next stop, the Lingotto, an old FIAT factory turned into foodie temple: Eataly

. L'Hedonist offers you an Eataly card for a value of 50€ per person that you can use for lunch or shopping

. Meet your guide at the hotel for a walking tour of Turin’s historical center

. Your visit ends with the most exclusive chocolate workshop in Turin, by the Vatican’s very own chocolate maker!

. Dinner at leisure


. Visit at your own pace of the Museo Castello di Rivoli (entrance fee included), the spot for contemporary art

. Journey to Bra, nestled in the hills of Roero and the high plains of Cuneo

. Lunch in a small bistro with a cheese-tasting by Chef Mammoliti’s selected cheesemaker

. Discover, at your own pace, Bra and its baroque architecture

. Next stop: Boscatero, the Langhe’s beating heart, for a private wine-tasting in a traditional cellar

. Dinner at leisure



. Meet with your guide at the hotel. They will guide you all day in the Barolo region.

. Visit of Grinzane Cavour castle and Diano d’Alba’s village

. Lunch at leisure

. Visit the small town of Barolo and its futuristic Wine Museum (WiMu)

. Private wine-tasting session of Barolo wines in a estate chosen by the Chef

. Gastronomic dinner at La Rei Natura restaurant of Chef Michelangelo Mammoliti, two Michelin stars (drinks to be paid locally)



. Visit Alba, worldwide famous city of the white truffle, at your own pace

. Private truffle-hunting session with your “trifulau” and their dog

. Journey to Barbaresco for a light lunch on top of the tower with a breathtaking view of the vineyards (drinks to be paid locally)

. Road to the small Spa town of Agliano Terme through the villages of Neive and Treiso

. Dinner at leisure


. Well-deserved morning farniente at your hotel

. Road to Asti and free visit of the small regional capital, with its paved streets and wall towers

. Lunch at leisure

. Continuation to the heart of the Monferrato region where you will take a cooking class in an exceptional 11th century castle

. Dinner of your own cooking with Asti sparkling wine

. Journey to Turin and late arrival at the hotel



. Private visit of La Venaria Reale, a royal palace on the Unesco World Heritage list

. Lunch on site (drinks to be paid locally)

. Journey back to Turin and exclusive moment with one of the most talented perfume maker in Italy, for a very private workshop

. Dinner at leisure



. Private visit of Museo Lavazza and tasting session: a sensory and emotional journey through the culture of coffee

. Lunch at leisure

. Exceptional visit of Casa Mollino, the house of the famous architect

. For aperitif, enjoy Vermouth in a historical café

. Farewell dinner in a super secret palazzo (drinks to be paid locally)



. Free time until departure for Porta Susa

. Drop- off the rental car

Clients are advised to drink responsibly

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